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Frequently asked questions

Note : If you are not registered user then refer FAQ question no 1 to create account.

1. How to Create Account on www.slvote.com?

Ans: Open this link http://slvote.com/userlogin.jsp and the login/sign up at the right top click on that, login page will open! At the login page you will see sign up link so click on that and fill all the details of registration page, after registration verification mail send to your mail id, open your mail inbox and verify the link so your account will created.

2. How to delete the account?

Ans: This facility is not available in current version.

3. How to update the mobile number?

Ans: This facility is not available in current version.

4. How I like or vote to any party?

Ans: you have to login/sign up first to like or vote any party, you can click on like button to like the

5. What is the age limit to like any party on www.slvote.com?

Ans: You should be minimum 18 years old.

6. Can I change the password?

Ans: You can change your password by this link http://slvote.com/changepassword.jsp or you will see the welcome : Your name at right top so click on welcome then change password and If you are login through google plus so you don't have option to change the password.

7. How to modify the account details?

Ans: This facility is not available in current version .

8. Can I like more than 1 political party?

Ans: No! You cannot like more than 1 party.

9. Can I change my like or remove my like?

Ans: Yes! You can change your like by clicking on other party like button but you can't remove your like.

10. How to logout from www.slvote.com?

Ans: After login! you will see the welcome : Your name(which you take at the time of register) at top right corner, so click on that you will see logout button (click on logout button for logout your account).

11. How to Follow SL Vote for recent update? (social media

Ans: You will see the social icon on the top left corner, click on any social icon to follow us.

12. If I forgot the password?

Ans: Go to login page and click on forgot password click on forgot password after that popup is open after that you have to enter your registered email id then we will mail you for reset password link.

13. How I share my favorite political party on Social media?

Ans: You can share the parties on social media ex- whtsapp, fb, instagram etc by clicking on right social button.

14. What is the Term & Condition to like or vote for my favorite party?

Ans: You can check our Terms & conditions by clicking on this link http://slvote.com/term.jsp

15. How can I comment for our favorite party?

Ans: open the www.slvote.com and click on comment, comment page will open then you can comment anything.

16. How can I give a feedback /review to SL Vote?

Ans: Only registered user will able to submit the feedback after login! Open www.slvote.com and click on feedback in menu bar after that give the review between 5 starts and write the feedback then click on submit.

17. Can I see all the comment without login?

Ans: Yes!

18. If my favorite party is not in your list?

Ans: You can contact us to add your favorite party by fill the contact form.

19. Does Aadhaar card number is mandatory?

Ans: This facility is not available in current version.

20. Does mobile number is mandatory?

Ans: This facility is not available in current version.

21. How I can contact with SL Vote personally?

Ans: You can contact us by fill the contact form and submit successfully.

22. If we have any query so how we can tell you?

Ans: You can give the suggestion by giving the feedback or by fill the contact form successfully.

23. It is genuine voting of Election?

Ans: No! it is not genuine election site, we are just showing that what people like in India. This is not a government site; it is powered by SL Book Pvt Ltd.

24. Does election is depending on SL Vote like or vote?

Ans: No! you can see how much any party liked by the Indian peoples.

25. When my account is blocked then i can access my slvote account ?

Ans: No! You can't access your account, if you will blocked by the slvote.com

26. If anyone using slang language while commenting, so how can I report?

Ans: You can give feedback to us and attached the screen shot as a prove, we will review about any slang use by that person or not, if we will find that slang used by that person so we will block that person on our site.

27. Can I comment on Slvote ?

Ans: Yes! You can comment by going to comment page but (registered user) login is mandatory to comment.

28. Can I delete the comment?

Ans : Yes! You can delete your own comment only.

29. Can I delete multiple comments on single click?

Ans: No!

30. Can I delete comment by posted other person?

Ans: No!

31. Can I report the comment?

Ans: Yes! You can report by filling contact us form with screen shot.

32. Can I edit the comment which is already posted?

Ans: No!

33. If I want to submit the contact us form, Login is Mandatory or not?

Ans: No!f

34. Can I give the feedback without login ?

Ans: No!

34. Can I Comment without Login?

Ans: No!

35. When i created a account using google plus can i change my password ?

Ans: No!

36. Can i created a account using Facebook can i change my password ?

Ans: No!

37. Can I block user?

Ans: No!

38. Is there any private comment page?

Ans: No!

39. How can I use search function?

Ans: You can type any state to see the state parties.

40. How can I know about any party?

Ans: You just click on any party name and you will automatically navigate to the Wikipedia page of that party where you can find all the information about that party.

41. How can I see about us page?

Ans: Go to the link http://slvote.com/About.jsp

42. How to delete the comment?



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